2023 September Introduction

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the first official issue of 24K Journal of Virtues Science!

A great deal is happening in our World right now.  There is a lot of pain and suffering, with a seemingly endless stream of new catastrophes being generated and sold to the public as the current most important thing.  The corporations are in damage control, trying to create as many diverse and powerful distractions as possible.  What this means is that there is a great deal of change occurring, with the wealthiest people in the most precarious situations.  Change is difficult but it also provides opportunities.  If you are one of those lucky enough to see through all of the rigamarole, then you came to the right place, and you are reading the right journal.

Live Well,
Dr. Roe
24K Journal of Virtues Science
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PS This issue can be accessed at here: https://24k.cc/issue/202309-s1i1/ or in EPUB format, here: https://24K.cc/wp-content/uploads/2023/09/2023-September-24K-Journal-of-Virtues-Science.epub 

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