Undoing Materialism – Epistemology in Crisis part 3

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“If a man has lost a leg or an eye, he knows he has lost a leg or an eye; but if he has lost a self–himself–he cannot know it, because he is no longer there to know it.”
– Oliver Sacks, The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat and Other Clinical Tales

Truth is difficult to ascertain with active flooding of lies. These are lies because while some may believe them, they are not mistakes and are purposeful. It is never a mistake when they are being funded by the corporations and their foundations. These corporations do not make purposefully “bad” investments. The point is to obscure the truth by shifting attentions off of corporatism and on to things oppositional to corporatism, so that the natural forces of human criticism against power are redirected. Understanding falsehood is necessary before attaining to truth, yet so few scientists are philosophers first. Nobody second guesses the process. Complete the degree and then sign up for a sedative paycheque to perform work to benefit a faceless fictional entity called stock.



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The propaganda in academia is funded by corporate “benefactors.” “Critical Theory” is hypercritical against all areas of human culture, or empowerment. This fraud ideology contains no love, but is a simple devotion to novelty alone that merely “liberates” people from their traditions and culture, by its own admission. In fact, it is hatred for anything non-novel. It appears in the guise of “anti-establishment” discourse by being anti-everything that is not absolutely pro-novelty. For instance, the media and academia were not for the novelty of ivermectin as a potential treatment against COVID-19, because their preferred novelty of the hour was the murderous mRNA injections posing as vaccines. They launched a literal propaganda war against ivermectin that continues to this day, when it turned out to be one of the best treatments available (Wells 2023). So it is not a bias toward novelty generally, but specifically the most destructive, which is to say pro-corporation, novelty.

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This is a part of the much larger corporate project to demoralise their servant population (Roe 2023b). Turning the half of the population against the other is the aim, as the people have less ability to organise against the corporations. Half of the population is naturally more open to novelty but this is converted into an unreasonable devotion to novelty, in implementation. This new unnatural position renders them anathema for any parliamentary interactions. It is a debate with lunatics, essentially. The novelty imposing extreme is fully funded. The half of the population seeking to conserve elements of culture are not allowed to speak on corporate platforms, of course. Government bodies have been thus turned into corporate instruments for cultural destruction, or deculturation.

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This false appropriation of liberalism is a total inversion of that natural novelty-seeking in humans, evolutionarily selected for in its tendency to provoke curiosity. Any group of “modern liberal” researchers, insofar as they are incapable of love for their own traditions, fail to embody a complete humanity, in their abject individualised alienation (Roe 2024a). This is because they are invalid candidates for legitimate universalising, incapable of determining healthy values. Instead, such propagandised researchers are a destructive cancer on the social dialectic (Roe 2024b). A healthy dialectic in society entails sound philosophy as the underlying foundation. This is necessary for the promotion of values that secure the persistence of that society because the science is pointless if the underlying society that can use it disappears.


People genuinely wish to move toward honest universalism, which is to say proximity to God for many. People will not refuse a movement that proposes changes toward that universalism. However, they must embody a particular beyond the degree to which they wish to change it. Impact can only be minimal even with wide distribution, if the particular is not somehow exemplified. So conveyance of an adapted particular image will be greatly harmed in ability to convince by being too inconsistent. If no legitimate benefits to the particular image can be demonstrated, it can only be of neutral or destructive value.

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There is basic corruption in modern understandings regarding the relationship of the universal with the particular. The universal is important to the particular, and the particular can be important to the universal, insofar as it models the universal. The universal is important to the individual but the individual, outside their fabric of particularity, is specifically unimportant in universal terms. The individual is of primary importance to their particular, this is because the individual can affect nothing but destruction outside of it. It bears repeating that outsiderness is supremely alienating. Anyone in emotional settings of alienation is predisposed to materiality and error, which is to say dishonesty and criminality. This is not a process that can be changed, and as former majorities turn into minorities, they too will feel more alienation.


This is similar to the anti-universal particulars through which the most destructive individuals also affect the universal. Individuals only find constructive contribution to the universal within boundaries of their own functioning particular. Once an individual rejects the particular completely, they renounce their connection to the universal. The only option for achieving universality then is reattachment to a compatible and universalising particular.

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It is only through the particular led toward the universal that true universalism can be achieved. It is never an individual that is the particular, but the individual among other individuals in a society. Societies of people make up meaningful particulars that can culturally approach the universals. Any philosophy attempting the disruption of this natural relationship, aside from finding eventual correction, is aimed at the simple destruction of particulars. This destruction is especially egregious when directed at self-universalising particulars.


The damage done on the part of so-called “Critical Theory” is difficult to comprehend. “Criticality” drops off once a science has been “criticised” enough. Replace these words with whatever you like: destructiveness and deconstructed are personal preferences. The results are the same, however it is preferred, that a science becomes a coatrack. This criticality destroys a discourse and then it stops there, once particularly useless theories are implemented. It appears that the primary point of this “criticality” is to disarm elements of cohesion that can be used for organisation among workers. And so it is, Critical Theory does define all elements of tradition as part of the problem with “capitalism.” However the more that is destroyed in the social framework of society, the more “capitalistic” things become. That means Critical Theory is not doing its job.

By redirecting worker movements away from focus upon the ultra-wealthy and corporatist bankers at the heart of “capitalism,” Marx made sure these could never be successful. If they focused upon culture, it could only be damaging toward the workers and never the corporatists, because the corporations do not need any culture but that which they control. Of course, corporations work hard at deculturation. They use the deculturation weapon even now, directly against their servant workers as they also push divisive and demoralising propaganda.

The appropriate response to Critical Theory is criticism of critique, which is only possible through full ownership of the particular universality it seeks to destroy in science. All natural biases hence must be owned and embodied. Anything else is cowardice. Reason is seeking truth, not self-destruction nor vitriol against all things simply for being perceived as traditional. This looks exactly like a complete honesty in institution because it is. It involves rejecting any political motives incompatible with achieving freedom, which is to say allowing the Good to be truly Good (Roe 2023a).

It should be pointed out that the charter for Critical Theory is unending. This concept and its distillates in a thousand different fields and industries have wreaked havoc upon the sciences of the Western world. And for what? Has Western Civilisation been improved? Or are the innovations merely a fraction of the normal advances that could have come about? How much can be credited to the gatekeepers slowing down advances by undermining scientific investigations and condemning entire fields? Universalising, or moving toward truth, is the ultimate Good for humanity. The only bad bias then is bias against universals, which is to say biases that harm universalising particulars.


Summerling of Domains
Summerling of Domains from Resurrexit Spiritus

The best that can be achieved in alleviating bad bias, i.e. bias destructive of universals, is through the elevation of the Spirit and its insistence upon universal principles. Any attempt at removing bias generally is impossible, besides its basic flaw in crippling the scientific process. The reaction will be decisive and can only make the bias worse, because individuals will always be inherently biased toward whatever is perceived as best, however bad that perception may be.

The conversation of Spirit typically turns around its loss to modern science, however the more egregious sin may be the less discussed and more original loss of truth and knowledge to Spirit. This is to say the real damage to science happened when Art, including those religious and cultural Arts, stopped being concerned about aligning with truth. Of course the sciences will be overrun by unspiritual people when a majority of spiritual philosophies people grow up with have long since given up on truth as a guideline, which is to say science. Science is now ‘secularised,’ which just means practitioners pretend to mind their ‘own business’ no matter the madness that prevails in religion. Unfortunately, this has also ostracised any philosophy outside of the modern so-called ‘humanism’ that attends secular philosophy.

To move toward universals is to dispossess the self, but it cannot be done alone, and must be done through the particular. The idea that optimal science is performed by a removal of bias is a master lie. It is a master lie for the damage that it inflicts. It causes so much damage because it has the lustre of truth, but it is not truth. The ejection of egoism is merely the aping of self-dispossession, however it is mimicry only. The quest for an artificial and non-universal neutrality, or forced “equality,” will ironically only create still greater imbalance.

Cogitatoris Erit, the Thinker Becomes, implies the spiritual growth that is universalising self-dispossession. True self-dispossession only comes at the expense of honest introspection and the development of virtues, in the dispensing of materiality and moving desires. Stepping through this barrier is impossible by any other means but the internal alignment toward Reason, universalisation (Roe 2023c). This is because self-dispossession is the grace apparent in the cultivation of virtues, which is to say Reason itself. A philosopher self-dispossess in order to assist in the universalising of the particular, because that is graceful Reason. There is no way to fake Reason, and being habitually critical of tradition is no shortcut but simple and stupid destruction for its own sake. The next article explores the corporatist origins of ‘Critical Theory’ through Marx’s consanguineous imperial paymasters.

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