Materialist Opposition – Epistemology in Crisis part 4

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“What is sure about me, I am not a Marxist.”
– Karl Marx

“For the first time in its history, Western Civilization is in danger of being destroyed internally by a corrupt, criminal ruling cabal which is centered around the Rockefeller interests, which include elements from the Morgan, Brown, Rothschild, Du Pont, Harriman, Kuhn-Loeb, and other groupings as well. This junta took control of the political, financial, and cultural life of America in the first two decades of the twentieth century.”
– Carroll Quigley (favourite teacher of Bill Clinton)

“You are a den of vipers. I intend to rout you out and by the Eternal God I will rout you out. If the people only understood the rank injustice of our money and banking system, there would be a revolution before morning.”
– Andrew Jackson, as he proceeded to close the second national bank of the US.

Image is a slave to the idea as material is slave to Spirit. This means that if Spirit is important, the material must be held to the highest expectations possible. What is represented by a corporation? What is the Spirit that underlies a corporation other than the people who work there? Why do they get no say in the direction these fictional entities take?


Gray Concrete Buildings

Corporations are an inherently evil method of organisation (Roe 2023). This makes sense historically since the model of corporations today began as the structure of colonialism. The existence of the corporate fictional identity in contrast to the represented grouping of actual people form a unique human social dynamic that generationally liquidates any other identities. It is by design, colonial and oppressive. This is due to the manipulation of natural functions of generational lifestyle adaptations in human populations (Roe 2024a). These are typically the present identities based in cultures that naturally evolve and persist in healthy human society. Inflationary central bankers and their corporate minions determine the direction of culture by pilfering from everyone. They can be expected to take over the media with a cultural agenda of conformation to their needs. They manage differences between people within the population to stop organisation against themselves. Amazon’s Whole Foods chain has been caught redhanded admitting to this in internal communications (Peterson 2020). Instead of fighting the corporations, the labour unions are stuck managing the more detached workforce, the harder work of organising forced upon them by corporatist machinations (Ferguson 2016).

legion, roman, army

These are all the same basic practices of the British imperialism and colonialism as inspired by the Romans. The Romans themselves engaged in religious wars which would culturally ‘tenderise’ entire groups with ecumenical propaganda so they could be more easily conquered later. This pattern is well-established throughout history. After conquering a land, it was common practice for empires to move portions of the population to other lands and then move strangers into those people’s homes. The USSR, British Empire, Ottomans, Holy Roman Empire, Romans, Persians, Egyptians, and now this modern invisible corporatist empire share this in common. They all move people around like pawns to weaken them, and destroy any other sources of power.


Billionaire-level wealth never occurred of singular efforts alone, of course, everybody knows this but, further, they never occur anymore without approval from the trillionaires. It could be argued that this basic arrangement has always been the case throughout history. There was a time when billionaires were called kings and the trillionaires were simply the emperors. So they can still be referred to as such.

crown, golden, royal

The trillionaire emperors have an insane amount of power, through control of billionaire monarchies. The emperors centralise industries into feudal courts and carefully select these monarchs, i.e. managers. Vassal princeps can lose everything if they do not operate by the rules of the emperors. So corporatism can be reasonably described as a satanic empire acting against people. These possessive corporations are contravening natural and spiritual selection.

Each “individual” corporate body is actually a lot like a demonic possession. The fictional identity forces the body of the organisation to act in ways never volunteered by the overwhelming majority of represented individuals. The demon possessing an organisation is centrally manipulated by the largest corporate conglomerates playing the role of the ‘*Satan*,’ from the Hebrew for ‘great enemy of God.’ In this case, corporatism and its agents are the great enemies of humanity and our natural destiny.

homeless, alcoholism, sadness


Whole generations have been trained to support cultural regression. This regression has been designed to fit corporate profit, not health and best wellness needs, the needs that matter. An employee’s life is only as valuable as they are to the corporate bottom-line. This includes dictation of religious development through corporatist funding and special loan programs to churches.

Their solutions and fixes amount to simple destruction. This is what degradation looks like. They make matters worse by promoting mental disorders to spiritually-broken people (Roe 2024b). This has been done through various forms of media over the last few decades now. However, it is blatantly obvious that this is a corporate project of encouraging dysfunction in society. There is nothing natural about castrating mentally ill children and calling it a “movement,” least of all its corporate-funded formation. People so fooled lose all other identities but the deconstructive one. All this “movement” has actually accomplished is the dispossession of women from their role and power in society, and further divided the labour pool.


Many are led to believe a corporate Utopia of maximum efficiency will naturally resolve. This happens if enough people forget their diverse cultures and become automatons to a common corporate dead non-culture. They have created the most current version of this script in close coordination with artificial intelligence tools. Fortunately, they work with flawed data.

Hubristically they cut themselves off with the attempt to encapsulate the Universe inside a simple paradigm for pertinent data, as determined by flawed humans with limited insight. They think they are being innovators or breaking the mould. In fact, they confirm the mould of corporatism, identical to a purified evil imperialism operated on stolen money, as it is. This novel form of material imperialism engages in all the same manipulation of past empires. The goal is to make people more malleable to international interests, and less connected to their own.


The goal of corporatism is conformation of everything to itself, the stockholders; corporatism values the maximisation of profit over all. This amounts to neutralisation of any efforts or goals incoherent with the overriding bottomline. This is as should be expected naturally of any overpowered fictional organisations. This must entail compromising any other means of organisation or mutuality on the parts of the workers.

Corporatism is neo-colonialism in which invested corporate power is sovereign and guaranteed by the emperor. The British Emperors, however, dared not even use the title, in deference to the Colonial corporate powers. These corporations were experts at deculturation, having literally created it. The point of the original corporations within colonialism was to manage the population, the natives and colonials (Roe 2024c). In India, for instance, the British Empire would exterminate entire religions and groups of people, for the benefit of corporate profit, which was as good as serving the empire itself.

To this end, the corporations naturally promote a plurality of identities safe for themselves alternative to whatever might be primary to the region, most especially among their labour pool. The corporations lobby more effectively when any worker commonality is destroyed. Worker cooperation competes with corporate control, and that cannot be allowed. The more alienated the populace becomes from itself, the more profitable and easier to control they are for demoralising corporatism. This is to say that disempowering the populace allows them to get away with more crime.


The anti-nativist tendencies of these extractive corporations are even more pronounced after decades of funding genocidal political ideologies and terroristic entities on all sides. This is because those ideologies become self-perpetuating. When the proceeding generations of corporate-grown genocidal ideologies then come to dominate the corporations themselves, corporatism takes on its final purely evil form, genocidal imperialism. Corporations bankrolled the genocides and cultural destruction committed upon the Chinese populace. What has the cruel deculturation of China done besides stultify the Chinese Spirit and force those people into an abject slavery to international corporatism?


I contend that most of the deepest divides that occur between honest and legitimate scientists originate with corporate malfeasance. Many well-meaning scientists trust illegitimate scientists whose careers are trained to corporate interests. None are aware of this, perceiving their educational direction as natural rather than due to monied influence, which is to say corporatist, creating multiple avenues of anti-nativist pressure throughout the culture (Roe 2023).


Meanwhile whole areas of research lay dormant due to the anti-majority political ideologies that have been forced into power over academia by corporatism. In the USA, this is done through multi-billion dollar corporate tax-haven foundations and publishers. The areas of research the bankrollers forbid should clarify intentions perfectly. Corporate entities bankroll anti-majority propaganda, which is most often anti-nativist, wherever they are. Marx was a strong advocate for the destruction of all traditional cultures. These corporate forces never stopped, they just brought it home through Marx’s ideology. While Marx himself may have been complimentary of certain Western cultures, his followers obviously were not.

This anti-majority agenda has killed whole fields of research deemed “inappropriate,” as though society were filled with children needing to be redirected. Marx claimed to have proposed “Critical Theory” for the improvement of mankind by ending “capitalist” oppression from every sector. However all it has done is led to more oppression, under the same emperors as then. The fraud perpetrated by Marxist “Critical Theorists” is a revitalised version of an ancient strategy to destroy the history of people in order to destroy the people, called cultural genocide (Paludan-Müller 2022). This is a common strategy used in war, for the eradication of people.


The astounding career of Laurence Waddell and his theories are waved away without any explanations, other than being considered “racist” in outcome because they contradict the opinions of powerful interests (Moshenska 2010). Waddell was an exceptionally gifted scientist wholly devoted to his craft. He deserves far greater respect than he is given. His opinions and scholarship were considered impeccable while publishing findings of the long lost ancient sites he discovered. However, based upon certain of his conclusions, he is now completely ignored for political expedience. Is this because there was too much truth to be learned from his writings?


An example of this is the fact that biological and physical anthropology are forbidden as “racist,” with little more than historical whining about past grievances and hurt feelings (Blakey 2021) that have absolutely nothing to do with the science or its legitimate value. Is our history worth learning and preserving? Feelings and emotions are not supposed to be part of this. This is harm to science, and harm to the preservation of our history and culture. It is plainly propaganda to do harm to the science and culture, but why is it done? Is a war being fought by these corporatist entities against the first industrialised nations? What is wrong with coming to conclusions that make some people uncomfortable or investigating ancestors in a phylogenic manner the way it is done with all other lifeforms?

skull, skeletons, bones

For instance, homo Floresiensis was phylogenically connected to homo Habilis using physical anthropological methods (Argue 2017). It is acceptable to do it in hominids but not in more recent human ancestors? Why do people feel this way about simple data? This is not logical. Of course, anyone convinced by Waddell’s theories is simply misled because of an alignment with Waddell’s supposed bad character or ill intentions. Corporatist-aligned political opinions make a person better at scientific review, somehow (Moshenska 2010).

Interestingly, the same power-hungry colonialist corporatism that originally funded the first efforts in anthropology now fund propaganda and efforts against physical anthropology to the point of it being a practically dead science. The only reason for this is destruction of any basis for worker organisation outside the artificial constructs of corporatism. They want to erase common identity. It is an unannounced war against the peasants of the technocratic corporatist-controlled nations. Everyone so brainwashed is a pawn in it. It already destroyed so much of Chinese, Eastern European, and Asian cultures. Once this anti-majority corporatist engine of critique finishes its rampage throughout the West, Muslim nations, and Japan, it will continue on the same path everywhere, until no cultures are left. Who will survive when the corporatist agents pit starving masses against one another? What part of this is civilised?



Marx’s theories were put to corporatist use in USSR and China to legitimise cultural and physical genocides. Marx was a paid agent and cousin of the corporatist-banker, Lionel de Rothschild (Gelles 2021). Another of Marx’s cousins and friends was Heinrich Heine, who was a close friend of another important Rothschild family member. Heinrich famously bragged that Lionel was “the King of England and Ireland” (Knapp 1999), which was to say Emperor. Did Marx actually risk his cousins’ own “capitalism” with his plan to destroy traditional culture? Would they have suffered him to live or keep the money if they believed that? Or were these nothing more than imperialist bluffs in prelude to genocide and deculturation?

As brother-in-law to the spymaster of the Prussia, Marx was deeply imbedded in the corporatist state whose dismantling he claimed to desire. To wit, the “workers of the world unite” credo is a reversal of Marx’s actual intent of harming the nascent worker’s movements of the time. What more value could he have offered his benefactor cousins than redirecting worker anger to bring about the ultimate corporatist dream of totally centralised economic domination? And in the meantime, it could create profitable wars for corporatist bankers and topple governments in order to force changes.


Marx advocated for the deculturation of Asia and India away from their “old Asiatic” ways. Marx’s spiteful desire for China was fulfilled by Mao’s Culture Revolution. Mao’s support from the corporatists confirms this, despite the active efforts to delegitimise this knowledge in the West as a “conspiracy theory” (Gardáš 2021). Marx was an agent of corporatism, sowing a malleable ideology to replace anti-corporatist perspectives. What was going to unite the workers? His book? Criticism? Yes, at least that is what he claimed.

Hegel would be appalled.

The quote at the beginning of this article was the truth coming out in jest. Marx was not a Marxist, but he was a duplicitous corporatist imperialist and unapologetically pompous elitist. All of his theories should be expelled as the corporatist distortions of proper Hegelian theory they are. Hegel would be appalled by the evils Marxism and corporatism have wrought upon the World.


Low economic status is the least similar of any commonality, it is a negative attribute, the lack of something. Immediate criticism of anything traditional is also a negative attribute, the disinterest toward ideas. Across the board, secularisation and critique have been the themes all academics are required to apply if they expect to be taken seriously.

Culture of the West has been treated as non-existent and unnecessary at best. All this critique has done is stripped the industrialised nations of cultural vibrancy (Gutmann 2010). Corporate media then mocks the culture incessantly for being bland or stupid. Not only is this mockery promoted as acceptable in society but encouraged (Hughes 2015). This is so cruel. It has escalated to the point of identity deprivation in youth, where they seek new dangerous identities (Gutmann 2010; Yusoufzai 2017) or generate artificial identities based upon selfish and demeaning sexual practices (Eberstadt 2019; Sigusch 2004). The investment in Marx has paid off many times over by now.

“Corporatism is colonialism eating itself, consuming its own boundaries in order to enslave the World.”


Marx’s plans for a massive centralised international government perfectly serves the interests of these corporatist emperors. Surely serendipity found them and it was merely coincidence their goals aligned so well. Nearly 200 years later, the World Economic Forum (WEF) is a tiny well-funded orchestration arm for a project of World strangulation through corporatist entities and their controlled governments. This implementation is oddly similar to Marx’s original plan, except managed through corporations. This is to be accomplished not by workers but through machinations of corporatist agents who just happen to be relatives of the emperors, like Marx.

a group of tall buildings sitting next to each other

So then the Marxist project of deculturation and “Critical Theory,” is actually imperialist corporate propaganda that is explicitly genocidal in outcome and origins. The point of the entire project is destroying any basis for organisation for workers. However the deculturation of people is the preparation for replacement. In no uncertain terms, this is identical to the actions of past empires as they prepared for genocide.


Corporatist funded educational institutions do not train people to be unbiased, but dishonestly self-deculturating. What good has the spread of Marxism done if the World is more dominated by monied interests than ever? If Marxist-aligned activists truly desired to fight tyranny, they would attack billionaires, instead of receiving paycheques from such organisations to riot and disrupt elections (Pomper 2022).

These same corporate super-structures fund academia throughout the West. That simple fact alone should give everybody pause. These corporations were built upon the backs of the same people they now aggressively pursue in degrading every facet of being. The corporations disrupt free speech, with any conveniently available excuse, as they demonise the good, glorify evil, and create disorder. The point is to leave the people powerless and beholden to the corporations.

Corporatism is the overgrowth of colonial corporate power in a retro-colonisation, which is silencing of the original critics and possibly the only people that could have stopped it. Corporatism is colonialism eating itself, consuming its own boundaries in order to enslave the World. Anyone that resists must be destroyed. However, these evil corporations will be known for what they are, that is through actions. People must wake up.


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