Liberal Spirit Reborn – Epistemology in Crisis part 5

“When a man does not know what harbour he is making for, no wind is the right wind.”
– Seneca

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”
– Aristotle

“To find yourself, think for yourself.”
– Socrates

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”
– Jung

“The ignorant man is not free, because what confronts him is an alien world, something outside him and in the offing, on which he depends, without his having made this foreign world for himself and therefore without being at home in it by himself as in something his own. The impulse of curiosity, the pressure for knowledge, from the lowest level up to the highest rung of philosophical insight arises only from the struggle to cancel this situation of unfreedom and to make the world one’s own in one’s ideas and thought.”
– Hegel

“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is power; mastering yourself is true strength.”
– Lao Tzu

The post-Plandemic liberal resurgence is to occur through a culturally-aware Spirit. Distributism serves as the economic engine of its ascendance, giving powers back into the hands of workers, individuals, and allowing communities to once again flourish in a sustainable manner. This is to be a liberalism for all times, liberalism of the Spirit that focuses upon the internal awakening in alignment with culture, the Artistic product of Spirit. Those spiritually awakened easily recognise the truth in the twinned goals of conservation and progress, Reason and Creation.

All corporations actively deculturate their workers. They are the same corporations as created under colonial powers. Lifeless husks, remnants of imperial powers that now serve no purpose but to assure our enslavement. The obvious solution is to replace them within each nation, and strangle them through eventual international minimisation.


Where there is nothing within the society for objective evaluations, introduced novelties are random and value cannot be reasonably determined. This is especially true with the introduction of systematic incompatibilities and the resultant randomised static. The deconstruction of evaluation is the underlying goal for most corporatist messaging, which allows for the import of unlimited novelty. Anybody evaluating novelties is castigated and scorned as evil by these singular-minded deculturised victims. This basic foundation is terrible enough in politics but it is a disaster of monumental proportions for the purposes of science.


Contradicting a thought or idea is much more difficult than accepting or ignoring it. This can take a tremendous amount of courage and willpower. Every science should be directed by individuals capable of courage and willpower. Such individuals as capable of this courage and willpower are truly honest and in emotional control. People prove capable of true Reason by its expression through virtues.


A scientist must be free and capable of assigning value. Without the ability to assign value, a scientist is just a servant to interests external to the self and self-interest. Such a servant is unable to determine importance and provide the focus necessary to properly innovate. Science becomes aimless without the guiding light of absolute Spirit, that is in Art, most importantly of culture, religion, and philosophy.

Perverse sciences result from practice of “pure” method and formula without meaning. Meaning for an individual is only derived through reflective self-development. False meaning is based in whatever trivialities over which the individual happens to obsess. This is often what they have been convinced is most important through propaganda. This is observable in the scientific community. Those obsessed in selfish identities tend to produce trivial science based upon current trends in propaganda, or wherever else the corporatist dollar directs.

This also explains why, in many countries, there are unhealthy people placed in positions responsible for determining what is healthy for others. Such are prone to the same faults of outsiderness alienation. There are no expectations in terms of virtues for any of the corporatist sciences.

Keeping up with science. WPA poster.

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In the case of an individual detecting some proteins using a scientific instrument, that is the finding. It cannot tell anything about what it is or what it was. Scientists go to accepted and “tested” theory to understand the dynamism of interaction. Without philosophy and theory, Creation along with Reason, there is no way of knowing what is causal or simply caused and correlative. Creation and Reason are reality, and so this makes sense.

leonardo da vinci, salvator mundi, painting

It is encouraging for a scientist to have it all spelled out in a nice narrative, but the depth of theory is forever limited by the capability of imagination and grounding in reality. The presence of all pieces with a nice narrative connecting them together does not prove anything. All they suggest is that a pattern or correlation has been observed.


In spiritual and cultural terms, “reproducibility” is about as meaningful as saying something is reproducible. The Spirit behind culture is about what is not reproducible, the product of the efforts revelatory of the true self. There is no reproducibility in systems that are not rational to humanity, and no accounting of possibly false causative correlations in the parts of reality that are not observable. All that can be determined of what is within comes from observations of externalities, which is to say outcomes (Roe 2024b). Experimental design cannot account for unseen confounding factors. Human perception is based on what was necessary for ancestors to survive, not the known universe in absolute perfection.

Many theories are taken for granted, based upon faith. Primarily this is because the officially defined narratives appear to align with observations and there are not better explanations. All the correlative observations of a phenomenon could still be indicating an as yet missing causative force without actually causing one of the effects itself. Any of the effects could be a largely unrelated side-effect of whatever mechanisms are actually at play.


The modern epistemology has led to the proposition that science is like a recipe, with individual scientists as replaceable cogs. The thought is that anybody can be trained in the techniques and then perform whatever science. This is nonsense.

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The idea that a person unreflective of the self could contribute to the understanding of the Universe is absurd on its face. Attempting to artificially remove bias only allows an excuse for the only bias left, money or material wealth. It is a false replication of enlightened self-dispossession. The problem is no science is possible without bias.

All ‘life science’ has Life bias, for example. It should anyway but should society achieve no bias in things, there would be no bias toward Life generally, and the result is inevitable death. Life deserves bias, as it is our origin. Replacing those interactions of our origin is fiddling with the divine. Transhumanism is evil.


Humanity is not to be saved from mortality by immortality, but damned by it. Make no mistakes, artificial immortality is the death of humanity. Those who move further away from Life, which is to say their origin, become detached. Those desperate to maintain their material attachment to this World are destined to harm Life, if given the opportunity to do so.

People disown their moral determination because they are trained from youth in public education as corporate citizens long before they are trained as scientists. They have given over their right to judge, as promoted in the sciences with relativism. Everything is relative, so that nothing is absolute or sincere and all things are open to debate, without any guiding Reason or moderation. This mindset might be sustainable at the present moment but in the longterm, with genetic engineering and transhumanism, people are going to have to make a decision which side of this argument they stand: that of biological conservatism or special extermination.

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Phases Of The Moon


The nature of the real World can only be accurately described by someone experienced in self-mastery and adept in culture. Science is not reality but the best current description of the observable nature. It is nonsensical to define a fictitious nature without us. Instead, true humanity is allowing the reality of nature in actuality to inform and define us within our knowledge, all science. This is the absolute expression of humanity but one must examine lived human life to accurately reflect upon it and describe it. This is not done by corporatist servants, but philosophers.

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There are less virulent strains of corporatism, just as there are more beneficial elements of various socialist ideologies. However, in all cases, the trend toward benefit is identical in focus. The beneficial focus for Life-functional human beings is in empowerment and determination, identical with cooperative intentions. The goal of every healthy and wise human being should be relatively similar, so too there could only be one goal in the purposeful disruption of the spiritual process: corporatist destruction of humanity.

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What is this modern obsession for newer references? The supposed purpose in requiring newer sources is to guarantee the freshest and most robust ideas. However, it rarely does this, and, for many sciences, has a tendency to do the exact opposite. In many sciences there are entire domains of investigation that continue to be ignored not because they proved of little value. This is partly due to being strangled by a lack of “up to date” references exploring the topics. Could this requirement be doing more harm than benefit? How can ignored topics be uncovered from older research if it is never read? This is exactly the point of requiring “up to date” sources.


Could it be that such a low threshold for significant correlation in genetic studies is a symptom of some underlying basic misconceptions about DNA and its proposed mechanical relationships to genetics and gene theory? With manipulation of the physical DNA, humanity enters a stage of self-ordained godhood. The problem here is that godhood presumes mastery of reality and humanity is only now beginning to understand DNA and genetics, or their relationships to reality, material, and consciousness. We have barely grasped reality and the nature of consciousness. We are supposed to believe that everything has been decided and we can hang up the towel? Lies.

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The human consciousness can somehow just be encapsulated into data on a computer, according to popular science fiction (Roe 2023a). Is it true that if the human experience can be fundamentally changed by technology and genetic engineering, it should be so necessarily? This is flawed reasoning since the primary apparatus of mind has an intrinsic connection to the nature of reality that is perfectly unqualifiable by humans. This does not mean that we cannot know that it is there, it simply means that the strength and character is completely immanent. This means that it can only be known by the quality of the works that are produced by the mind so oriented.


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A true global liberalism should be concerned with freedom of the maximum number of people. It is honouring culture and allying philosophies that contribute to complete freedom (Roe 2024a). Freedom comes from within mechanisms of universalisation in context of ones own lived culture. Philosophy must be encouraged. Spirituality and moderation must be encouraged. Cooperatives must be promoted.

Freedom requires special plans for every nation specific to their needs. Everything must be customised and tailored to optimally interact with their extant culture and legacies therein, which embody various traditions. These plans obviously could not include the mass importation of populations into other nations, where they are outsiders. Such actions would be aimed purely at fomenting chaos and war, which is the most anti-liberal, disruptive, and destructive thing for cultures, as well as being exceedingly imperialist.

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This is the call for a New Renaissance. It requires a truly philosophical liberalism founded upon the elevation of Spirit through humanity’s natural domain of activated culture in meritocratic cooperation (Roe 2023b). Preceding every successful revolt is also a shift economically, however, and so the plan requires an economic engine of revolution. Wise scholars created a system of economics that has already proven successful both practically and for the empowerment of workers. These successes include worker-owned cooperatives and credit unions.


Distributism is simply a method of economic management in societies that replaces state and public corporations with individual units locally organised by the stakeholders (Roe 2024a). This is economic revolution that can be implemented now in coordination with standing communities. Cooperatives are strong, resilient, ideal for workers, and responsive to customers (Roe 2024a).



Bias toward the worst is a betrayal of the best, as it degenerates the natural order. The destruction of order is precisely what the corporations have been aiming to do, and so any compatible biases are immediately pro-corporation. This is the return of honesty. The problem is alienated critique, which only seeks to destroy its target for the sake of destruction. Only within as part of it can an idea change a particular, and only true universalising is Good, which is identical to societal health in fact.


  1. Bias is endemic, things are only knowable through the perspective of identity. Removal of bias is impossible in itself, as it is the attempt at removal of self or identity, artificial dispossession. Detriment implies malice and bad bias, regardless any lies. Identity is not something that can be replaced. Anybody who pretends otherwise has ulterior motives, most likely decultural, and therefore genocidal.
  2. Honesty or dishonesty are the only potential options with bias. Ownership of bias is admittance to honesty. Attempting to disown bias is admittance to dishonesty. There is no middle-path in the matter here. Either a person is honestly biased or dishonestly “unbiased.”
  3. Philosophers must own bias toward Life and wisdom. A scientist cannot contribute to science without being a philosopher and embodying a legacy, or selection of traditions. Bias toward Life can only occur through a particular, a society, or not at all.
  4. “Unbiased” is not a valid term and implies materialism, as avarice is the lowest common denominator of biases.
  5. Bias toward Life is bias toward wisdom, which is to say culture and Spirit.
  6. Wisdom is bias toward the elements of self and society that allow wisdom.
  7. All wisdom is representational and exists through initiation.
  8. Therefore wisdom is based in reality with bias builtin.

Scientists who are not philosophers first are like the scientific tools at their disposal, the trappings without the soul. Philosophically, there must be an origination in order to find destination. Obfuscation of origination defeats the destination.


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