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What is knowledge? What is scepticism? Where will science devoid of philosophy lead? Is scientism not a result of powerful interests attempting to reform science into something more malleable to predation?
Historically, what might have become of a beneficial philosophy that affirmed Oneness as highest Good and taught a practical method in absolving sin? Such a philosophy would have been devastating to elites manipulating commoners, as accomplished with shame and engineering ignorance. In the end, however, is there any difference between absolving sin, correcting error, improving knowledge, or progressing science?
Science is most often taught in modern educational institutions as though the goal of objectivity could be fulfilled by simply pretending experiments and analyses were performed in a cleanroom-type environment perfectly innocent of distractions or political motivations. Of course, this is nonsense. Many sciences attempted in a perfectly objective manner would be criminal, and indeed are.
Science must be subjective by the very nature of the imperfect beings engaged in it. What is the point of science if it is not subjective toward human life? In other words, scientists are rightly biased toward their own life, and continuing it. Some alternative could be theoretically objective but also severely misguided. To wish for the continuation and progress of humanity is a very subjective position, and only made objective through individual and societal progress toward the universal.
The first science of all scientists should naturally be in the knowledge of good and evil. To have anything less is to plan for disaster. Scientists must be philosophers first, with philosophy returned to its rightful orientation.

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