Issue 3 – November 2023 published

Dear Reader,
Welcome to the third issue of 24K Journal of Virtues Science!
What is freedom? What is freedom without actions toward more and better freedom? Or what is freedom without good options?
If freedom without good options leads to less freedom, can its ultimate end be called death? Honestly, what can obsession with materiality in itself lead to other than fewer good options, less freedom, and more death?
These are the questions primary to this issue. Will the future hold more freedom or more death? More improvement or more pain?
Can science ignorant of these fundamental questions be considered beneficial in any terms? Can a scientist do good without a philosophically sound foundation for its definition?
The first article in this issue discusses the denial of Spirit, which is the essence of a loosely mechanistic perspective on materiality itself as presumed origin of all phenomena. This is the precursor position to scientism, which is dealt with in the third and fourth articles: Epistemology in Crisis 1 & 2. The second article of this issue is a continuation in series called Complete Freedom 2. The truth is that those lost to Spirit must be trapped to the material, either physically or mentally, closing them off from actual freedom. Nobody can be free who does not have a fundamental sense of good in reflection of reality.
Live Well,
Dr. Roe
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