2024 January - Series 2 Issue 1 - 'Groundwork'

24K Journal of Virtues Science – Four articles pertaining to theoretical groundwork for the progress of Good, which involves deeper understandings of transhumanist evil, cooperation, effects of inflation on society, and the operation of the mind.

2024 January Introduction

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the fifth issue of 24K Journal of Virtues Science, and the first official issue of 2024!
This issue has a little bit of everything but focuses around theoretical groundwork.
There are four articles: on the transhumanist plot of COVID-19, initiating business cooperation in defence against the international corporations, how teenager rebellion is affected by inflation, and, finally, an article on generative ontology in mind theory, as an extension of theories first discussed in Resurrexit Spiritus Theory.
The first stages of progress at our current juncture in history involve honest and critical appraisals of the instruments used to enslave us. The best way to determine the greatest Good when confronted by evil is to comprehend it.

Live Well,
Dr. Roe
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Backdoor Transhumanism – The COVID-19 Scam Agenda

 “One thing history teaches us is that we do not learn from history.”
– Hegel

“The key to victory lies more in manipulation and cooperation than in exceptional personal skills.”
– Yuval Noah Harari (WEF scholar admitting to collusion)

The mRNA injections, marketed to governments as “COVID19 vaccines,” represent a step toward transhumanism through manipulation (Roe 2023c).  Pharmaceutical firms went to tremendous lengths to ensure that the public was deceived at every stage of the process.  This is to the point that any scholarly search on disinformation or misinformation in relation to COVID yields pro-government and pro-corporation propaganda that is blatantly against alternative media and pro-censorship (Santos 2021, Balcaen 2023).  Life-saving treatments have been rejected, insulted, derided, suppressed, and censured, without explanation and since the very beginning of the COVID-19 scam. 

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This was due to the fact that the purpose was not treatment, but the “vaccines” themselves.  These medications were rushed through the FDA approval process as rapidly as possible while the media deliberately obscured truth, such as the fact they involve “gene therapy,” as so-called.  Pharmaceutical companies are aggressively developing new gene therapies to address the negative effects that these original mRNA injections caused in the first place, including cardiac damage (Zangi 2021).  They criminally decided to use the term “vaccine,” which is not actually correct, since these are simply gene therapy injections.


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Without delaying, admitting responsibility, highlighting the link, or even offering an apology, big pharmaceuticals act above the law and took steps with healthcare that they fully recognised were careless, since everything is profit in their self-awarded lottery.  From the perspective of big pharma, however, if they did not do this now, then some other pharmaceutical company might profit instead later.  More importantly, however, this needed to happen before the populace became more educated on transhumanism and all potential risks.  They, the media, and government officials all refuse to accept responsibility.  Damage was done already, which is good for them because they profit from the outcome.  Nobody is being held accountable.  This is in perfect alignment with the “broken window fallacy” that underpins the Keynesian case for central banking and inflation (Roe 2024b).

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The plan was to utilise the concept of scheduled medicines with unproven inoculations as an excuse to normalise genetic engineering before any societal debates could develop.  Even now, they advertise “miracle” remedies based on mRNA injections for the identical conditions that the original mRNA injections caused.  Corporations will revel in the glory of numerous marvels while steadily killing off and chemically neutering the public at a rate slow enough to be explained by propaganda and eventually passed off as good. 

The practice of depopulation has already been codified, and the effects have been applauded.  What is “nice” about this bioengineering timetable in the population is that it allows the elite to cull specific populations or genes that are not beneficial to them.  The Plandemic will always be the external justification for this secret bioengineering genocide and corporate “eugenics” agenda.

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They misled the public from the start, claiming that the “vaccines” were not an example of genetic engineering (Roe 2024c).  They didn’t want the people to make an informed decision, but rather an emotional one based on authority and shame.  The world’s biggest banking corporations banded together to make it difficult for humanity to reject the early stages of transhumanism.  This is their goal, and they will murder, lie, and deceive to achieve it.


The wealthiest powers in all nations appear to have colluded in the agenda.  Unfortunately, because far too few people have ever organised politically, they have no idea where to begin and the political systems allow few filtered avenues of entrance.  Aside from corporate infrastructure and media superstars, the citizenry is utterly devoid of leadership.  Everyone can see the blatant lies in this “sudden arrhythmic death syndrome” and “everyday” risk of blood clots, with careless “fact checking” mocking the populace over a “non-disease” used to explain sudden deaths in young people (Spencer 2022).  Dystopia arrived.


Everyone who has been injured by these injections is now forced onto the dole.  If you have myocarditis, you must now participate in their mRNA trials if you want to live longer.  Big pharma now have a captive testing population that cannot speak out or resist.  How many people are willing to give up the chance to obtain 20 more years of life from Pfizer by waging an uphill legal battle against them?  Despite the overwhelming rate of “adverse” reactions, the corporatist apparatus continues to promote these same gateway injections.  Given that the only long-term immunity imparted throughout the Plandemic was legal, we can only assume that these adverse effects were the primary goal.

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Adversity will compel survivors to seek the next mRNA technique, and then the one after that for the reactions to that.  This evil system now offers a reality in which individuals are entirely dependent on companies from cradle to termination.  The vampires bare their teeth as they respond to arguments for bodily autonomy continue with allegations of insane “hesitancy” on the part of the sceptical (CPSO 2022), despite the legitimate pandemic of “vaccine” injuries (Greene 2022).  The word “hesitant” is specially selected as well for the implication of eventual acquiescence or the necessity of conformance.

The entire purpose of the COVID-19 psychological operation was to compel the normalisation of genetic engineering before society had a chance to have an honest discussion about all potentialities.  They did this because they knew the conversation would not be controllable.  They have successfully blackmailed plenty of people already into their mRNA-exposed populations, who now have less of an ability to argue against transhumanism.  When these folks get myocarditis or blood clots, ‘all the better’ because mRNA “therapies” for all of these disorders will be available at your nearest pharmacy soon (Servick 2020).  This is profiteering on a scale no other criminal organisations have ever dared to dream in all of history.  Nobody should be concerned, however, for these criminal pharmaceutical cartels who have humanity by the literal testicles have only the best of intentions for humanity, and can be trusted to make everyone superhuman (Smedley 2021).  Surely, they would have no reason to continue these genocides in which they are currently engaged.


We have not had the required debates about transhumanist technologies.  Historically, those nations have failed that do not analyse issues before taking action.  These are the kinds of debates that should be had in regard to all levels of society, not just at the highest.  Are the possible benefits genuinely greater than the risks?  Is not the issue with this fabricated pandemic, this Plandemic, a glimpse into the true level of corporate misconduct buried beneath the surface of corporate malfeasance?  They do not desire for you to be knowledgeable, intelligent, educated, or powerful.  They want you to be self-obsessed, quiet, fragile, taciturn, submissive, foolish, and easily entertained.

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The challenge now is to demand action from all levels of government, even down to associations of homeowners.  Consider school governance.  Speak with officials at the county, regional, state, national, and international levels.  Your opinion is important.  They are supposed to represent you, not some fictitious international trademark.  Creating a spectacle and leaving impressions in the minds of others is a powerful tactic that our adversaries have employed to great advantage.  In these dark times, the aim is to leave a bright and positive impression which can be associated with resistance to transhumanism.  This necessitates going against the corporations themselves, in head to head confrontation (Roe 2024a).  Challenge executives, and push back where you can.  People must see others speaking out about this disaster before they will feel secure speaking out in their own lives and communities.  Most crucial, plan ahead of time, and always maintain dignity.  Create alternative institutions, and use friend networks to collaborate on something better than dead-end corporate careers.  It is often true that people do not recognise the gravity of a situation until it has been validated by a sufficient number of others.  It is your job to be part of that sufficient number of others.



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Cooperate! part 1 – Empowerment, with Real Power

“Man is the only Slave.  And he is the only animal who enslaves.  He has always been a slave in one form or another and has always held other slaves in bondage under him in one way or another.  In our day, he is always some man’s slave for wages and does that man’s work, and this slave has other slaves under him for minor wages, and they do his work.  The higher animals are the only ones who exclusively do their own work and provide their own living.”
– Mark Twain

mark twain, humorist, entrepreneur

“I was aware that many men who have accumulated more millions of money than they can ever use have shown a rabid hunger for more, and have not scrupled to cheat the ignorant and the helpless out of their poor servings in order to partially appease that appetite.  I furnished a hundred different kinds of wild and tame animals the opportunity to accumulate vast stores of food but none of them would do it.  The squirrels and bees and certain birds made accumulations, but stopped when they had gathered a winter’s supply, and could not be persuaded to add to it either honestly or by chicane.  In order to bolster up a tottering reputation the ant pretended to store up supplies, but I was not deceived.  I know the ant.  These experiments convinced me that there is this difference between man and the higher animals: he is avaricious and miserly; they are not.” 
– Mark Twain

What gives one group of people the right to hold another eternally captive?  Because they bought the building or purchased the first licences and hold a trademark?  Those would not seem to be eternal or absolute debts, albeit a trademark is not a guarantor either.  What should a shared trademark be but a fee and agreement to certain standards?  How are organisations delineated?  How should they be?  Is not such a captive organisation like a domesticated animal on a leash?  How is this any less than slavery?  Societies enslave people in groups instead of as individuals, and call those corporate “locations,” to be owned by people who have nothing to do with it as though perfectly natural.  Are these people actually powerful or are they simply empowered by the continuance of the slave system?  What is empowerment and what is real power? 

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The current landscape of corporatism is completely insensible.  Are people working for corporations, slaves to the stockholders?  Does this explain worker and applicant apathy?  Especially now in the aftermath of the COVID-19 plandemic and the “Great Resignation” (Jiskrova 2022), what is the path forward?  People do not want to return to work.  People do not trust the corporations, or the politicians owned by them.  The current generations tire of being treated like commodities.  They tire of seeing the wealthiest and most powerful in their societies tied to the most brutal and horrendous crimes (Christensen 2019).  They tire of being manipulated (Gopinath 2020).  They tire of being lied to (Petersen 2021). 

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Workers have no purpose in their tasks and roles, when they can see all their efforts destroyed by a single quick decision or machination of some “elite.”  Most working roles in the West are non-creative non-managerial production positions, non-productive managerial careers, or non-productive service jobs, all of them designed to minimise their autonomy and empowerment.  Smokescreens between production and capital have been engineered surreptitiously in human resource departments and their standards, by limiting these careers into tightly configured parameters. 

This is all sleight of hand organisational wizardry with the only purpose being disinheriting people from the products of their own labour.  Is there any wonder that people do not wish to be a part of that sticky web called “job,” with the funky levering and extra paperwork just to keep everything in the dark?  People want purpose and for their life’s labours not to be funnelled toward corruption and criminals.  Workers do not want to fund wars overseas or human abuses. 

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Research indicates a link between empowerment and productivity (Kim 2012).   There exist real organisational and efficiency benefits of implementing policies that empower workers (Asgarsani 2013).   Empowerment has been positively linked to job satisfaction and performance in general (Hechanova 2006).  Empowerment also has a dampening effect on burnout experienced while conserving job satisfaction in spite of the work overload (Andrews 2014).   This means that empowered workers are less susceptible to burnout.    

The only advantages to the current corporate arrangement belong with the owners, the stockholders.  How are all the people within those organisations not slaves to stockholders and corporate intentions?  Then how is freedom to be defined?  Upon privileges?  Thomas Jefferson was very kind to his slaves, according to all records.  He encouraged them to read, write, create art, and manage their own money based on an allowance.  Were they not slaves because they had such extravagant privileges?  Are people who work for corporations any less slaves because they are permitted to select their own food or in which homes to live? 

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Corporations turn into acquisition machines and why would they not be such?  The business of a corporation is never the same as the people who work for it, but to keep all those people beholden.  Every corporation can be seen as being in competition with every single other one, in the business of managing people, cubicles, offices, and dental plans.  This is league competition, though, and not real.  The people that are managed, no matter how many privileges they are granted, are farmed by the system.   

By default, the system extracts wealth out of the economy through the scheme of false growth, where all production value ends up in the future pockets of the wealthiest banks, largely through inflation.  Inflation, or printing of money, is a silent tax through currency devaluation, which steals out assets from under people. 

This “growth” stems from proceeds of the theft being spent before the dupes have a chance to report it, which has simply been turned into a never occurrence by law.  It is adding to a stack of mud by shovelling out the mud from underneath, until the mud tower eventually dries out and crumbles.  This setting of economics has effectively turned whole nations into sieves, funnelling any and all value to very small networks of individuals.  By a complex system of banking and regulation practices, they are able to assure who take up the rear as billionaires, e.g., industry managers and political tyrants.   

This is all very nepotistic, with loan forgiveness built into the very foundation.  There are hidden procedures of distributions here that effectively hide the actual management of economies, through legislation, regulation, corrupt loan practices, and mergers.  Effectively, they do steal from everyone and give it to friends and family for free.  Now with artificial intelligence and decades of data, they expertly ride the inflation waves and the system has never been riper for coordinated procedures.  Since the advent of artificial intelligence, in fact, there have been dramatic increases in propaganda, market chicanery, voting manipulation, and policy capture, which I do not believe are coincidences.  It is further disheartening for so much evidence to exist only to have it completely unaddressed and swept away as so much happenstance.  Now 65 trillion dollars has gone missing and it is likely never be tracked down (Ritchie 2022).  This is corruption on a scale that is incomprehensible to the average person.  There is no winning against such forces head on, since all corporate powers are heavily centralised, so what can people do? 


For former slaves throughout civilisation, freedom was entwined with the notion of being empowered.  This was the power to make decisions, important impactful ones to their lives, with as much access to information as possible.  To be a slave was to be considered incapable of making good decisions, and therefore incapable of freedom.  Such a person was considered a slave of their master, but also a slave to their own whims or base predilections and unfit to be trusted for building civilisation.  Many slaveholders would go out of their way to assure that their slaves stayed ignorant and obsessed in sin. 

Increasingly, as society corrupts, the definitions of what builds up society and what decisions are good become less clear.  This relativity too is on purpose, of course, as academically funded year after year through “foundations.”  A plurality of notions of “good” mean workers are less cohesive and more argumentative, which make them not as able to organise against the corporations.  Fools and traitors sit in offices of power, with the fools told they must go along with the corporate antics because of various impending emergencies.  These doom politics procedures are obviously terroristic in nature.   

The purpose of this series of articles is to explore the advantages of an empowered workforce.  Nations benefit from an economic model of cooperative worker-ownership, through increased productivity, innovation, and flexibility in every aspect.  Empowered workers are far more productive and able to overcome challenges.  All this encourages local production through natural communities which is more sustainable and beneficial for everyone.  Cooperatives do not stack and have less potential for overuse or misuse of resources.  An economy of cooperatives is more self-policing, since the work is always where the people live, making it more difficult for big or small criminals to operate.  They are more resistant to manipulation, as well, making them ideal for national security. 


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Excess Teenage Rebellion and Inflation – Proposing Twin Theories of Generational Panic and Lifestyle Deterioration Signalling

Many psychologists still promote teenage rebellion as though it is this constant and expected element in human development (Hoder, 2015). It has been suggested and popularised as crucial to the establishment of a person’s identity, or personality (Borrie, 2007; Hale, 2011). The scientistic presumption this existed before industrial society sidesteps the fact this proposed “universal” stage of human development was never mentioned by anyone before the very end of the 19th and never studied before the 20th century (Hoder, 2015). Presumptions about human nature in regards to psychology are expected of the culturally dependent study of sociology (Konty, 1996), however this is not a healthy perspective of psychology. Interestingly, the greatest predictors of rebelliousness appear to be abusive, indifferent, neglectful, or hostile paternal parenting followed by the same traits in maternal parenting (McDermott & Barik, 2014). Psychology has moved on in terms of personality development theory (McAdams & Olson, 2010), without providing an explanation for the increase of teen rebellion in certain modern societies (Hale, 2011).


To suggest positive consequences of a bad event and claiming it as unavoidable when it actually is, begs the event. If people presume they are unable to do anything to counter the effects of an issue and believe it good, they will not waste energy. The idea that rebelliousness is a natural and normal part of human psychology remains popular (Hale, 2011) and not yet directly contradicted, teenaged agency development not withstanding (McAdams & Olson, 2010). Rebelliousness occurs more often and is more impactful of lower income families (Luthar & Ansary, 2005). It has also been shown to be correctable with education (Świerczek et al., 2018).

The underlying mechanisms of societal resource management predate humanity. Economics have existed since the inception of social animal behaviours (Woersdoerfer, 2014). The governing environment within which human families, childhood attachment, and social bonding evolved is economic in every sense. Humans would have been selected for behaviours appropriately fit for economies and related cultural and environmental factors.

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Children will instinctively ascribe difficulties in acquiring necessities to the choices of their parents, or faults, rather than any abstract notions in societal shape. While children witnessing their parents struggle may feel sympathy, such stimuli may additionally shift their mode of behaviour. This shift can result in the rejection of the parents, most especially their lifestyle and career choices.

Human instincts in social selection should not be expected to accurately differentiate larger and smaller economic signals. As economics are purely relative, the deciding factor is impact. Children will focus on the failure of parents. Bonds in human relationships are dependent upon promise and potential, or perceived beauty and wisdom. Opposing signals from within the parental attachment discourage the transmission of generational cultural information by way of basic devaluation.

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This devaluation may manifest as disgust and disregard for previous generations, as well as traditions generally. Not only will younger generations reject the advice of their parents and traditions but do the exact opposite in a spiteful manner, to psychologically prepare them to deconstruct the less useful parts of their cultural and parental attachments. This is logical and appropriate as a fitness strategy in cases where parents or cultures are failures.

Intuitively, environments in which children receive reassurance of their parents’ lifestyle fitness, should advantage those who model the behaviour of parents the majority of the time. Selection will favour those applying such behaviours given a set of optimistic signals. This mechanism should also apply to similarly socially advanced animals.

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This may explain why mass teenage rebellion only began in the last few centuries, generally coinciding nationally with the institution of inflationary banking practices. The economic inflationary cycle is one designed to stimulate the economy in a Keynesian model (Shirvani, 2014). Keynes proposed his own theory about how the replacements of windows that break are as productive for society as the installations of new windows. This is a basic logical fallacy on its face, so much so it could be used as an example of bad logic. Further, should this not depend on which “windows” are being broken? Another example he gives for productivity is having paid workers dig and then fill back in holes. Paying people to play video games comes to mind, Twitch for example.

How does inflation stimulate the economy, then? Destruction and panic are the key factors. Humans evolved to compensate for societal change. When old lifestyles fall apart it is usually not all at once. The deteriorating economic signals of a fading lifestyle, or merely a lifestyle for which their parents were not well-suited, trigger a different behavioural mode. The panic resulting from the economic changes of a deteriorating lifestyle was simply mislabelled teenage rebellion when it became constant. In fact, the economic stimulation here derives from the constant costs to the majority of families in changing careers away from that of their parents every generation. This can be good in the short-term for the purposes of discovering new trades. Theoretically, however, a society can only afford this emergency mode for so long before unleashing the larger costs involved of lost cultural transmission.

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Theoretical confirmations require comparable data of multiple generations across different economic models. Teenage rebellion, or generational panic, a destructive consequence of larger economic issues as well as loose family ties and poor attachment, is often disguised as a good. The scientists who couch the problem into human development normalise a destructive group of behaviours (Hoder, 2015). It is likely because these writers and publishers have determined this phenomenon to be good, but how could it be? The science does not support it yet it continues to be published, abusing references if there are any to be found (Hudson, 2010; Pahr, 2019; Staughton, 2020). Why has teenage rebellion been promoted as good?


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Manteic Ontology and Theory of Mind part 1 – Subconscious Connections

“This whole idea that humans have this soul, or spirit, and they have free will, […] that’s over. Today we have the technology to hack human beings on a massive scale.” – Yuval Noah Harari (WEF intellectual)

If humans were really soulless and hackable, as so-called “transhumanists” claim, they would demonstrate it with proof, not say it. They say it because they have no proof, and they have none because there is nothing to support the claim. They say it because it is not true but they wish to deceive. Computer ability is not equatable with the human mind in anyway. Artificial intelligence is limited by the nature of its being, transistors. So let us create a theory of mind that disputes it.

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Humans are incredible and exceptional. We are also limited in many ways. Humanity cannot sense things animals can, such as sounds or lights outside of specific ranges, faint smells, and magnetism. Abilities in various senses are selected against through the offset of higher fitness traits that make up for the decreased fitness, typically due to changes in environment. Obviously the higher fitness traits, in the case of humans, had to do with advancements of the mind and community. So, it would seem this deadened sensitivity all around might simply be explained by larger brains and more community advantages. This does not describe the evolution as it looked immanently, however the obvious shape of the changes provide clues.


Brain development was an evolutionary consequence of lifestyle and so common trends can be expected between populations sharing lifestyles. If a group of hominids are successful with a particular lifestyle, the genes they carry will spread very quickly. This is especially true of those fittest to it. Therefore, a coherent and evolutionary-based psychological model of mind requires foundational evolutionary theories for human beings.

The current model accepted by most anthropologists is in disarray, unable to explain the majority of unique human features, the diversity of hominid specimens, nor the regular hybridisation events (Roe 2023a). The human mind has evolved under incredible pressure, from parallel primary lifestyles, on land and at sea (Roe 2024a). This makes most sense from a ‘suspended’ generalising, so to speak, using the evolution of the consciousness across multiple lifestyles through hybridisation. Further, beyond early hominid, the first human social settings were ruled by common religious and spiritual beliefs, shared culture. It was within these early cultures with more spiritual mate selection took place, that Sapiens took final shape (Roe 2023b). It was early religion that ultimately channeled the various lifestyle-informed tendencies toward greater community, and most importantly culture.


Philosophers have proposed that the conscious mind could not conceive of universals at all if the first and highest intellect, the One, was not already doing so. This implies that parts of the mind have a basic inclination toward universals because of a connection to the One. It also means this connection to the One is a reference to phenomena of the mind, most particularly those to do with the subconscious. This supports the notion of intellectual origination in the subconscious, the seat of creativity.

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The subconscious is more original. The mind did not develop from simplicity to complexity. Rather the mammalian mind developed from fuzzy complexity, which remained as subconscious, toward simplicity for survival in the form of the distinct consciousness. In order for the mind to contend with complexity in the material, it necessarily had to forgo subconscious flexibility for conscious exactness. Genetic evidence suggests that the development of consciousness has a lot to do with the repeated copying of one particular gene multiple times over and over (Tiwary 2016). This implies consciousness may be an abstraction of abstractions, or redoubling of the subconscious self. The subconscious then can be likened to the air in the balloon of consciousness.


This explains why the two ends of education gradation were more hesitant of COVID19 mRNA injections at the same time, while those with masters degrees, or upper-middle, were least hesitant (King 2021). There is a basic deficiency in modern degenerated culture. It fails the population by encouraging behaviours that block spiritual development, a certain negativistic and hypercritical mindset (Roe 2023a). This upper-middle was most easily swayed by artificial changes and social pressures, while the two ends are accustomed to relying upon intuition and tradition.

The middle get lost in the monotony of their conscious experience, confusing society for reality, when it was only ever part of themselves. Those higher and lower in education gradations realise limitations in the comprehension of reality, which justifies reliance on traditions and legacy behaviours. For instance, the people with doctorates who resisted were likely relying upon the basic tradition of drug testing, that time honoured legacy of observation in science.



Spiritual alienation is the misalignment of the two elements of mind, conscious and subconscious, and it expresses itself through social alienation. It is the corruption of Spirit. Alienation is present in all people but continues due to maladapted beliefs. Many mistake society for some harsh reality, rather than a fundamental spiritual part of the self. People shrug society out of a desire to reject reality. The error is believing a person can be complete apart from either society or reality.

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All irrationality are the erratic behaviours in suboptimal life, or as so reconstructed in the strange images conveyed by the subconscious. Is this a product of the subconscious per se or its function as reflective of consciousness? Is such error derived from the conscious or subconscious? Consciousness is the more actively willed system of the mind, which is to say it is control. Error stems from lack of control. The subconscious is the genie, but it can only serve the ‘master’ insofar as it is in alignment.


The nervous system exists throughout the body, and the entire system are deeply connected through the tree of Life, the spine. The mind and Life force energy are more than simply connected. Life energy is not separate from mental energy, they are the same. This Life force is the Soul, and Spirit is its character. The conscious and subconscious are the internal dualistic experience of Spirit, this is what we call the mind. When these two elements of experience align, there is Manteia, the state of mind underlying what Hegel called Absolute Spirit.

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Spirit is orchestrated through Creation and Reason by the conscious controls, the particular spirituality. Materiality is easily identified with alienation as the corruptor of Spirit toward non-universalising particulars. ‘Abstract thought’ then is the harnessing of subconscious power, the ‘conscious-subconsciousness’ spreading out to embody the universalising Spirit, in concert with the material but never for material nor purely particular ends.


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Children demonstrate far greater presence than their apparent awareness belies, this is not an illusion because there is infinite complexity present. When a foetus is first formed, infinite complexity is already present. Naiveté in the conscious mind is mistaken for being less, however everything enabled in the constricted consciousness is through intrigue of the subconscious. However, children are exceptionally talented creators with limitless imaginations from a very young age. So the development of adult ‘awareness’ corresponds with the tightening of this conscious condition and a loosening of the attachment with those creative aspects of mind. In emotional attachments for living beings capable of it, especially mammals and some birds, something is very deep and real.


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